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24. November 2014 13:35
by jeanie mossa

Celestial Bohemian Soul Guest Star: Nadiya Shah

24. November 2014 13:35 by jeanie mossa | 0 Comments


Welcome Fabulous Nadiya Shah!

Thank you! Your enthusiasm is amazing, thank you!




Please tell us a bit about yourself.

I'm Nadiya and I'm very happy to be here!

On your website you mention you are a Consulting Astrologer, Sun Sign Columnist, and one of the few people in the world to hold an M.A. in the Cultural Study of Cosmology and Divination. How & when did you become interested in Astrology? For those not familiar with the terms Cosmology and Divination, would you mind telling us more about your degree? It sounds so fascinating!

My journey in astrology is interesting but I do think that astrology is one of those things that chooses you, it's not so much that you choose it, at least that's been my experience. When I was 14 years old I was hired pretty much on the spot to read palms at a summer fair that takes place in the last three weeks of summer in Toronto. So, I was given a sheet of paper with the drawing of a hand and all these arrows pointing to it, with planets denoting the different areas of the hands. Over that three week period I read hundreds of hands, and I kept getting very positive feedback. People kept telling me I had a knack for it. After that, my family members started giving me astrology books, and I learned about the history in my family of practical spirituality, which includes astrology. I was fortunate to grow up in a supportive atmosphere that encouraged me to strengthen my intuition.

Astrology was just something that was always there, always an interesting hobby. I remember before I attended university, I worked at Walmart, and I would read the charts of my coworkers behind the registers. Eventually, people started offering to pay me. Eventually, my friend, who was starting a website kept asking me to write horoscopes for him. At the time I was in a job I hated, so I saw it as a lifeline and I grabbed it. I decided to go in all or nothing, so I went into astrology full-time with the launch of those horoscopes and my own website. It's been a wonderful journey since then, which is over 8 years ago now.

The M.A. was truly a privilege and a turning point for me in my practice. To put it into context, in the early 2000s there was a move to bring astrology back into western universities. That eventually led to the launch of four M.A. programs in 2006: two in the US, and two in the UK. I attended the program at the University of Kent In the UK. That program is now taught at Christ Church University. Both schools are in the famous town of Canterbury.

There I had the chance to delve into astrology and consider it from many perspectives, historically and academically. I learned from some of the most brilliant and respected astrologers on the planet, including Geoffrey Cornelius, Angela Voss, Maggie Hyde, and Patrick Curry. It was during that time that my commitment to astrology really took root in a sense of respect and reverence for what I do. It helped me know why I do what I do, and the importance of this tradition to our culture today. Astrology affirms a universe alive with meaning and purpose, with love and wisdom. I love being a part of affirming that in the world.



There are so many types of astrology, which form do you practice? For those who think that astrology just consists of silly horoscopes posted in the daily newspaper what words of wisdom do you have to share about this system of ancient science?

Astrology affirms a universe alive with meaning and purpose, with love and wisdom. I love being a part of affirming that in the world. Those two little lines of a horoscope in the back of a magazine have that significant of a philosophical affirmation. I think that astrology, from any transition and in any form, does just this and I therefore support it. Personally, I consider myself a western astrologer. I am always open to learning more, which I think is part of being an astrologer. You are forever a student, and one lifetime isn't enough to know all there is to know.



With the use of the internet and social media, do you feel people are becoming more aware of astrology and using it in their daily lives? Do you use astrology in your business or personal life?

I think there is always an awareness of astrology. The affirmation of a meaningful universe is a deep part of our collective consciousness. Also, we are constantly looking to make sense out of our experiences, and seeking patterns in the universe is one way we do this. Astrology is a living practice and can be applied anywhere. I do personally use it, of course. I think that's how it starts. You start by applying it to your own life, personally or in your work. When you see it work, you want to know more. From there, if you are called, you will start looking at other charts and the love for it just grows, as you see the sky come alive through you and all around you.

Do you use any other forms of Divination in your life or readings?

Like I said earlier, I started in palmistry, but soon focused more on astrology. I do use tarot personally. I love the cards and the images. But the sky to me is where I feel the most magic. We all feel that in different ways to different things. That is mine at this point in my spiritual path.




How did your You Tube Channel come about? One of the highlights of my week is watching your explanation of the upcoming week’s events taking place in the sky. I am in awe on the amount of information you give each video for every week, month and astrological sign. And your predictions are so right on. Most of all, I love how positive you are when sharing this information. So many astrologers like to emphasize the dark side of what the stars may portend. How much time do you spend researching, recording and preparing these videos?

Well thank you so much for the positive energy you bring! It means so much to me that so many resonate with what I share. I feel truly grateful.

As I shared in a recent newsletter, one thing I love about my work is that it is not about me. I have come to see that, when I get out of the way and just be of service to others, I am at my happiest.

For years it was friends and fans like yourself who were asking me to make videos, but I resisted. I think you can see it in the very first videos I posted in 2008. When I see myself, I want to go back in time and hug that girl. I look terrified, and I was. I was still learning what it meant to live from a place of connection to my truth and commitment to be it. It is a lesson I am still navigating, as part of my unique journey towards greater love and greater wisdom.

I was terrified of being seen, of being criticized, and of simply putting myself out there. For years, I hid behind a computer screen and my kitchen table doing readings for a small client base in Toronto, Canada.

In 2011 I was writing daily horoscopes that were syndicated across Canada. My agent was close to sealing an expansion deal, that would have brought my column to a much wider audience. It felt like my dreams were coming true. And then, at the last moment, the deal fell through. I couldn’t understand it, because my chart looked so good for starting something big! And also because I thought that was the most I could ever be. It seemed like the pinnacle, and I could not reach it.

In frustration, immediately after I heard the news that it was a no-go, I purchased a plane ticket and I went to one of my favorite cities on the planet, Bath, UK, the place where Uranus was discovered by William and Caroline Herschel. It was there that I had the moment of clarity I had hoped for.

I realized I had to get my fears and ego out of the way and expand the YouTube channel. That single clarity, and the action that followed it, has brought me more of every great thing imaginable, far beyond anything I could have hoped for myself.

This is just one example of how my life has shown me that the biggest disappointments can actually be the springboard to blessings beyond anything that can be planned.

I have shared before much of my gratitude for friends and fans like yourself that you encourage me to be brave. In your own way you are constantly being my cheerleader and my spiritual guides, by asking me questions and affirming that there is something in me to share, it is the greatest gift I've ever received in my life. It is a gift that heals me a little more each day. Thank you.

As far as the amount of work, the monthly horoscopes take a few days to record, usually 3-4 days just to record, and then a few days to edit. It can depend on where I am, how focused or in 'the flow' I feel. I also do many other horoscope videos including the weekly horoscopes, special series videos, personalized horoscopes and interviews. I try to schedule my work around astrological times when I know I can bring forward my best, the kind of energy I think will support bringing positive energy into the world. I am truly grateful to be part of putting love into the world.





You also have a WebTV station. How does that differ from your YouTube station?

It is just the YouTube station, with several types of offerings. One is the Astrofabulous Horoscopes you mentioned already. Another is my WebTV show "Synchronicity." I’m really proud of my show because I get to interview and celebrate some of the most amazing astrologers on the planet, as well as visit some astrologically significant places. There are also special series videos where I answer viewer questions on my technical approach to astrology. There is currently another offering in the works that will be announced shortly.



You recently just started doing daily horoscopes as well on your website. Can you tell us more about these? And how are they different than the horoscopes found in our daily newspapers each morning? 


The daily horoscopes are a joint venture, co-written by me and Symbolic Living.

Symbolic Living is a site owned by a dear friend of mine that is spiritually minded and likes to explore world cultures and philosophy including tarot and astrology. We work together in many respects and have known each other since the 1990s. The syndicated column I worked on until 2011 involved daily horoscopes for each sign published in Canadian newspapers and online. However, when I began focusing on my YouTube channel to create video horoscopes, my time was dedicated more to producing the videos so I moved away from written daily horoscopes for a few years.

Many people contacted me requesting written daily horoscopes, so Symbolic Living and I decided it was a good idea to work together to bring these to friends and fans again. We started publishing them exclusively on my website this summer and people are enjoying them. It’s another way to express the sky and I know people enjoy getting daily insight so I feel it is an important part of what I share on my website. The daily horoscopes are an overview of the astrological picture for that day. My weekly and monthly horoscope videos focus more on each sign, so it works as a nice compliment to give further insight people are looking for.

There’s always more to discuss and explore with astrology and people enjoy daily routines so it’s nice to reach out to friends and fans in many ways. I like to think of it as a morning breakfast routine, like how people read the newspaper with their morning coffee. It’s a way to give people an affirmation and a reminder for the day to live with awareness and a positive perspective.




I just bought your book and will devour it before this interview is released. So there may be a few follow up questions. Please tell us about your book Astrology Realized. What inspired you to write about astrology? Where can we find this book? Any other books or classes in the works?

My book started as an online course through the Symbolic Living forum to teach astrology enthusiasts more about how to understand the sky. It really was a labor of love for me. I worked closely with my editor and graphic designer to ensure we were presenting the information in an easy to understand manner with accompanying diagrams of birth charts and examples of transits.

Astrology Realized became available in early 2013 as an ebook on Amazon and it’s now available through smashwords, google play and will soon be available through Apple iBooks. We also plan on having it available as a paperback or hardcover soon. I know people still love to hold physical copies of books in their hands so I look forward to having the hardcopy ready.

In the book I share why I chose the name Astrology Realized. I was particularly influenced by a distinction articulated by my professor, Geoffrey Cornelius, that there is a difference between a speculative reading and a realized reading. A speculative reading is when you are learning the textbook techniques, interpretations, and specific details illustrated by other astrologers and authors. All the information you learn and apply step by step is part of a speculative reading. This is usually how students learning astrology will approach the subject. It’s a systematic, cookbook type of approach to understanding and working with the information of astrology.

Geoffrey believed that in order to do a reading that touches on truth and provides a glimpse into the mystery we’re all a part of, it involves an aspect of forgetting all you’ve learned. The best readings occur when you let your rational, intellectual self relax so your unconscious knowledge can take over. That’s when all that learning pays off because you have exposed yourself to the language you will need, but those exact words need to come up spontaneously.

Geoffrey articulated a realized reading as an experience in truth, a bodily sensation that lets you know you’ve hit on the message this person is meant to hear. You know a part of you is riding with magic, fueled by inspiration, guided by kind spirits towards uncovering the omen that you are meant to deliver. Getting to this space, this “high” of opening yourself to that electric, divine, buzzing energy, involves releasing attachments to a specific outcome. Just get out of the way and let the message come forward. Do enough readings long enough, and you’ll become passionately captivated by these moments of a realized reading.

The intention of the book is to introduce astrology enthusiasts to the foundational knowledge of astrology to ensure a solid understanding for a lifetime practice. I believe that developing a personal relationship to the cosmos is a vital step to significantly enriching your astrological journey. So, I have designed the book to invite readers to look above and within to inspire them to develop their own special connection with the sky.

The book includes a historical and philosophical look at astrology encouraging readers to explore ideas and concepts of important astrological thinkers as well as critics so they can better articulate and understand their own reasons for connecting with the sky.

The bulk of the book is about exploring the birth chart to help readers personalize astrology and bring the cosmos to life. I want readers to feel like they have a good grasp on how to read their own charts so they can be confident interpreting what’s happening in the sky and what their birth chart reveals to them. I love to learn, and I know how valuable books have been in my life, so my intention with this book has been to help others feel like they are getting a solid foundation to help them grow in their understanding of astrology

I know many people who watch my horoscope videos have purchased the book and I love that they understand the interpretive aspect to what I’m sharing in the videos. Knowing that many of my friends and fans are looking at their own charts and that they understand what’s going on astrologically means a lot to me. Being a part of people’s journey in astrology really makes the time and effort I put into the book worth it. I’m really proud of Astrology Realized and I’m so glad I chose to manifest it. I put a lot of love into that book.




Do you offer personal readings for those who wish to know more about their lives? If so how should someone interested contact you? Are you able to give a reading via phone or email? Do you have an office or shop for those who wish a consultation in person?

I currently offer personalized horoscope videos for those interested in having me look at their chart and answer specific questions. I love this offering because it is an omen that people can continue to refer to, that brings them hope and inspiration directed personally to them. These are available through my website nadiyashah.com

What is your favorite sign, planet and in your opinion the most magical time of year?

I love all signs. They are a part of us all and each have their spiritual lessons. I love the planets, the elements, the modalities, all of it: the sky, the fixed stars, the moon, the light, the clouds and the sun. And I do think any time is magical. I do remember having certain time frames that I loved more than others, like Halloween was always a magical time for me. But, as I get older I see that magic is a choice. Connectivity is a choice. Having an open heart is a choice that can be made moment to moment. There are magical places that inspire these states more easily, but even that, our accessibility to much of it is a choice as well. This has been a powerful lesson for me recently; that the amount of love I am willing to share is entirely in my hands. And it is love that makes magic happen.




Personally, whenever I hear that Mercury is going to go retrograde, I want to hide for those 3-4 weeks. And of course we all love to blame it when forms of communication and business dealing go bonkers. Do you think Mercury gets a bad rap when it goes retrograde?

Yes, Mercury gets a very bad rap for going retrograde (Rx) so often, but this is actually one more part of a wise universe. Any planet going retrograde reminds us to look again. It's about re- anything. So, reconsider, redo, reedit, remember; all of these are necessary parts to making sure that we like the direction we are going in, and that we continue to learn well from this spiritual opportunity we call life.

What I find with Mercury Rx, since it's not usually a time to shop too much, it gives me a chance to go back in my closet and see what’s there. I get to appreciate how much I already have. I also find myself trying things that maybe I talked myself out of before. Returning to ideas and inspirations that I had let go of. Reconnecting with people who are a part of my path personally and professionally is also a theme that comes up for me during Mercury Rx a lot.

More than anything, to me Mercury Rx is a chance to be honest with myself. That is a great gift.




You have an eye for fashion and always look as you would say…. Fabulous! How do you pull that off?

You are awesome, thank you! I just love clothes and make up, and I just love all the things that go along with being a girl! I think, wherever there is love, there is an ease, a naturalness that comes across. For me, one of the greatest things about my work is that I get to go shopping and share the love I have for the look of it. That's one thing that really helps me get enthusiastic about recording the videos. I never wear the same outfit twice, though occasionally you might catch a couple of pieces being re-envisioned as part of a new concept. It's symbolic of fresh energy that each moment, each week, every month promises to us all.

On a practical level, I have to make sure that my clothing and hair are exactly the same as possible for the monthly videos, which take a few days to record, which is an adventure sometimes! Especially, keeping my makeup consistent, since I love to change that all the time. One way I have found to make a larger amount of recordings possible is to sit down while recording, but then you can’t really see my outfit that way. Clearly, I have Moon conjunct Venus in my chart! Even as a little girl, I loved makeup and clothes. My mother would marvel at how I would be so happy to just lock myself in my room and play with her makeup. I think that whatever that thing is that you did as a child, that time just didn’t exist because you were so happy- that’s where love is. And love is everything.

Do you have pets? We had a cat, Billy, who passed on a year ago. My brother was there when he was born and he was the baby in our family for his entire life of 17 years. We all still think of him each day. Some of the most wonderful spiritual learning I had was thanks to that little guy. I’m so grateful he blessed my life.



When you are not filming, writing or giving readings what do you do for fun or to chill out?

I love to travel and for the last two years Mexico has been a favourite. I love to be here and spend lots of time at the beach on the Caribbean Sea. I also love the archeological zones of the ancient cities, especially the ruins of the ancient temples. I love these power places.

Although this is totally unrelated, I will share this: I really love vampire themed TV shows and movies. That is totally my chill out time. They are so fun and relaxing, and usually filled with allusions to mull over. Lots of fun!

But ultimately, my work is fun. I was doing this for free for so many years before anyone offered to pay me for it. I love going to astrology conferences and just hanging out with my people there, talking the language of astrology freely and happily. I feel so at home.

Last but not least, any words of wisdom or favourite quote that you would like to share with the readers of the Bohemian Soul?

My whole purpose and mission in life is to affirm that "the universe is wise and loving." Nothing happens by mistake. It is all part of the mystery inviting you to choose towards greater love and wisdom. If you want to believe that, you will see evidence of this everywhere.


Website: http://www.NadiyaShah.com

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