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15. September 2014 09:53
by jeanie mossa

Alexandria Art Festival

15. September 2014 09:53 by jeanie mossa | 0 Comments



This weekend was Alexandria’s King Street Art Festival. It rained on Saturday which made going on Sunday a challenge as the crowds were extra large and parking in Old Town was insane. However, after driving around for a half hour or more we found a parking space and walked through the festival.




Who can resist a purple octopus made from glass? This artist was here last year.




Another familiar artist – love this guys whirly creations made from glass. And of course- the German Shepherd was an added bonus.





Loved these Humpty Dumpty sculptures!




How cool would these life-sized animal sculptures be in a child’s backyard?




Yes.. we will take two please.


All and all this year’s fair was not as spectacular as the previous years. I blame the large lumbering crowds filled with people (or was it cattle?) who roamed through not paying much attention to the art as they were all too busy texting or talking on their phones. And the variety of artists this year was lacking a bit. There were several wonderful works of art- however not any fiber artists, the only jewelry being sold was gold & silver- no art to wear. Only a few glass and ceramic artists. The rest was painting, photography and copper work. And the biggest disappointment was there were no local artists. Everyone was either from Florida, Texas with a few other states thrown in. Let’s hope the artists at the Torpedo Factory got some decent exposure during this event. All and all i am glad we went, but will remember to get there early next year to find parking and hopefully less people!


My husband posted some great photographs and commentary on his blog: http://normankraft.net/post/2014/09/14/The-Alexandria-Art-Festival-2014.aspx